A guide on how to eat well in Florence.

Doesn’t sound hard right? Think again.

Florence despite being beautiful, is also full of tourist bars and restaurants pretending to be the real deal and charging twice as much as your wallet would like.

This is a fast track guide on how to consume the best, but also your entire weeks worth of calories in one day. Sounds Ideal right.  Just trust me, I promise it is worth it.

Savoury or sweet, Florence, or in Italian ‘Firenze’ has it all.

Every time I visit I have two places I always have to eat at.

Numero 1: Venchi

Numero 2 :All’antico Vinaio.

In short, the best places I have ever had ice cream or panino’s in Italy.

Venchi exists in other major Italian cities (but not Pisa, thank goodness). Basically if you have ever dreamt of Ice cream, this is where all your dreams come true.

Venchi (although perhaps expensive) is worth every penny.

I mean they have a chocolate wall for crying out loud? and not only does all this Venchi goodness come in the form of gelato, but also coffee and hot drinks labelled ‘The Venchi Experience’.

All’antico Vinaio. This panino shop always has a queue of people waiting to buy a sandwhich which are only five euros. The paninos are bigger than my face, and although you can pick and choose ingredients, they have five they recommend.

  • La Summer
  • Inferno
  • La Favolosa

The offers change week by week – but I have tried all three of these now and a few others.

The staff are incredibly friendly, eccentric and typically italian, so yes they are usually very good looking as well. I promise this isn’t the only reason I visit. Only recently they have started offering Red wine with your panino. I mean I’m not sure i can get any closer to the Italian dream?

Every time people leave the shop they are usually grinning from ear to ear. Everything is fresh, the Focaccia, the meat, and all the other ingredients, and they prepare them there and then, usually accompanied by some staff singing.

I tried to look for photos of Panino’s I have had, there are few as I usually can’t wait to take a photo and dig in straight away. Anyone that knows me , will know they must be good, as my obsession with Instagram stories and taking copious amounts of photos is uncanny. (Im just sharing the love).

Any excuse to visit florence, and every guest I have had to stay I have taken to both of these places time and time again.

They never disappoint. Despite florence being one of the more expensive cities, these two places are the exception in terms of quality. Another thing that reassures me about All’antico Vinaio is the amount of Italians and locals that also buy the food.

If it has the Italian seal of approval, it has mine.

How I am not fat after this year in Italy I do not know…carb carb carb.





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