Places can be kindred spirits too.

Sometimes, whether its a book, a film or even a person, you come across something that strikes you in ways you did not expect. You feel an instant connection, and you can’t quite explain it.

This can happen with places too, and for me it is Florence. The beautiful medieval and renaissance buildings, the vibrant history, the legacy of the Medici’s. The aesthetic beauty of the whole city, resinates with me like no city has before.

With every dark and winding street, you find your way almost subconsciously towards bursts of light; piazza’s filled with colour and art.

The whole city seems almost dreamlike.

If you look long enough, you begin to question whether it is real at all.

No matter how many times I visit, I find myself just as eager to return.

As you can imagine, Florence during the Christmas holidays, is even more magical. The Italian city,  is very much in touch with its heritage, and its religious origins, and for me, this made it even more special.

I had the pleasure of visiting the Uffizi Gallery in Piazzale degli Uffizi. The gallery, which used to simply be a ‘corridor’ hosts works that were kept in the private gallery of the Medici’s. The whole corridor runs above the city of Florence, however only a section is open to the public today. The Medici’s used to use these networks of corridors to travel throughout the city without having the mix with the citizens below. Despite being described as a corridor, it is unlike any corridor I have ever seen before.

I was able to see works from notable names such as Leonardo Da Vinchi, Botticelli and Rembrandt. The most breathtaking room in the Uffizi is the Tribuna. The ceiling of the Tribuna is decorated with nearly six thousand shells!

Not to mention the amazing view from the top of the gallery that gave you a clear view of the whole of Firenze!

Here are a few photos from the museum and the christmas markets;

(Also a seasonally decorated Venchi; I couldn’t resist hehe)


Don’t get me wrong, I find it very easy to be in love with most things in Italy. The whole country is filled with beautiful places, and beautiful people. Not to mention the beautiful food.

My romantic fling with Florence might not last forever. Not all great loves last. But for now Florence is everything I need, just to make me feel that little bit more alive. The best things in life can’t always be explained and maybe this is one of them. But Florence for now,  is very much my happy place.

Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, will always have a special place in my heart.


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