Street Art in Pisa.

Street Art in Pisa, is more striking than most.

A great deal of the graffiti in the City Centre is instantaneously eye catching. One for its colour, but two for the symbols and slogans that are used.

When I first arrived I was a little taken a back, at the quantity of graffiti, where the graffiti was (on old Italian buildings *weep*) and also the intensity of it.

The left wing tendencies of the city are not discreet in the slightest. (There is an Anarchy symbol on the History building lift.)

But, they almost appear to be the norm. Although, Im sure there are students and residents that don’t agree with it too.

Ive been collecting some photos for a while now, to share on my blog.

One artist in particular ‘k.’, although Im not sure the artists  exact meaning, has caught my attention, and I actually find some of the work quite pleasing, aesthetics wise. I have even seen some of the artists work on the streets of Florence.


‘may not think’ or ‘prohibited thought’


Yes, I believe that says ‘James Bay’


The messages on some of the images are very telling, and others are left open to interpretation. The street art can be found all over the city.

I can’t say I fully understand the meaning or connotations of all the street art.  But there is something about it that almost brings Pisa to life. It adds character.

After speaking to the Italian family I AuPair for, it turns out the Italian Communist party was established in Livorno (a town twenty minutes from Pisa) in the 1920s. Which could explain the left wing tendencies of the City. But as I guessed, the family admitted that the political graffiti in Pisa was the norm.

I’m not sure I have seen anything like it back in the UK, this may have been why its struck me most of all. Perhaps, I need to find out a little more about Tuscan and Italian politics.

But don’t think for a second that Pisa is a dump, its beautiful, it adds soul and its certainly interesting!

I still  can’t really seem to fault Pisa, or Italy, at all.

If you enjoyed the street art, or are a little intrigued as I was, here is the Instagram account for the street artist ‘exit.enter.k’ – for which the caption is ‘Free Art for Free People’:

(I can’t be sure he is the author of all the images on my blog, but he certainly is the author of the images marked ‘K.’)


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