Roma : La Capitale

Rome 11th-13th November 2016.


November was the month we had all been waiting for. The long overdue trip to the Capital, hosted by ESN Italy.

The anticipated trip consisted of various tours around the City and two nights out in Rome. On the tours, we explored the main sites such as, The Colosseo, Forum Romanum, Fountain di Trevi and of course the Vaticani.

Most of you will be familiar with the Trevi Fountain. At the Fountain Di Trevi, unwritten tradition states that you throw two coins over your shoulder into the fountain. The first coin you make a personal wish on, and on the second coin you wish you fall in love, in Rome. Being my typical self, I found the latter out after throwing only one coin in, so I shall just have to cope with not falling in love in Roma.

The highlight of the trip for me was the visit to the Musei Vaticani. Although I had been previously back in 2005 on a family holiday, I hadn’t actually been in the museum, only the Sistine Chapel.

The Museum hosted a lot of items I wasn’t expecting such as 12th-18th century art. One piece of art myself and a friend spent a good while deciphering into heaven, hell and judgment, to only discover a sign translated in english at the bottom of the painting. The painting is was titled ‘Final Judgment’… at least our GCSE Art and English Literature skills for analysis came in handy.

We and a group of others made our way to the Sistine Chapel, and although I had been previously, nothing could prepare me for the admiration I had for the building. It all came flooding back. Catholic or not, nothing can prepare you for the beauty of the Sistine Chapel. The rules enforced within the chapel to be silent, only add to the breathtaking surroundings. Sadly, I did not meet the Pope, and I have no photos of the Chapel, as taking photos is prohibited.

The works of Michelangelo remain for first hand observation only. Perhaps this is a good thing. I would recommend a visit to the Vatican to anyone, solely for the experience.

Although I enjoyed the trip, another aspect of my time in Rome I enjoyed was meeting new people. This is one of the best things about my year abroad.

I shared a room with one girl from Lithuania, and two from Portugal. They were all lovely girls. One of the girls, inspired me to watch La Dolce Vita, I have just finished watching it, and my goodness I do not know how I have not seen it before.

Put Rome on your bucket list, and in the mean time, watch ‘La Dolce Vita’ and ‘The Roman Holiday’. Both films are enough to make anyone fall in love with Rome.

”la vita e questa. Niente e facile e nulla e impossibile” – Federico Fellini

For more photos :


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