”Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings” – Salvador Dali


Palazzo Blu, situated in front of the River Arno, is the centre for exhibitions and cultural activities in Pisa. Currently there is an exhibition on the life and main works of Salvador Dali.

I had been craving some culture and this was the perfect place to top up. The exhibition provided a chronology of his life, and then some of his most famous works such as The Trilogy, and Inferno.

The Trilogy depicted the typical trilogy of Christ, the Virgin Mary and the Holy Ghost. However, his contemporary style was dominant in the painting which had been clearly influenced by the events of his time, the rise of Nuclear warfare and the Hydrogen Bomb. The three famous figures, although usually depicted differently by most artists, were constructed solely with fragments, to imitate a the effects post explosion. Empirical influences like these always fascinate me, especially on such a traditional and religious concept as The Trilogy.

The exhibition also walked you through the images from his work the ‘Inferno’ which was great to see, as I have always heard about Dali’s Inferno, but never actually studied it.

On a Tuesday, the gallery gives discount to Universita di Pisa students, and I believe the exhibition is open until late February.



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