The week Lucy visited.

Here she is, img_9515

No matter where I travel to, I know I will always have my friends and family not far away. However, this little ray of sunshine brightened my first week of November.

Most students will agree, after an elongated time at University, you begin to hit that mid-term slump. The honey-moon period of the year is over and it all gets a little too serious. This is true of even a year abroad. At University back in the UK, the middle of term would be a perfect time to return home for a weekend. A little TLC and some ‘me’ time. However, it isn’t so easy when there are only seasonal flights back to Newcastle. (Typical northern transport).

However, my gloomy November was instantly brightened by the arrival of Lucy. Lucy arrived full of excitement to see where I lived and it re-ignited my appreciation for where I  was fortunate enough to be studying.

We had the usual catch up, which felt like we hadn’t had in forever, but it had only been a month. (Lucy if you are reading this, lets not leave it so long next time). So essentially, we had a good cry and a good laugh before we went to sleep.

The first day, I showed her around Pisa, of course I took her to the Leaning Tower and Piazza dei Miracoli. We then walked down to the River Arno and had a coffee and Lunch at a lovely little coffee shop, which is not typically Italian, and made me feel very at home. It is alsmot like an independant Costa or Cafe Nero. Its called ‘Filter Coffee Lab’ and can be found on Via Santa Maria, 47, Pisa.

I mean they served Coffee in mugs? this was a novelty and such a lovely feeling after only drinking espressos out of tiny espresso cups for the last month or so.

Day 2 :

Day two consisted of a visit to my favourite City, Florence, or in Italian, Firenze.

Florence is a beautiful city, full of History, and anything Medici related. It is very much my happy place as a medieval historian, with a love for anything Italian. So, I had to share it with her.

We spent the first half of the day visiting all must see elements of the City such, Ponte Vecchio, Piazza del Signoria, Santa Croche, and Pizza del Duomo.


The day was rounded off, with what was possibly the best Panino known to man, topped off with a Venchi Ice Cream and a glass of wine.

Thank you for visiting me little one, travel home safe.


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