Buon Halloween Ragazzi.

This was one particular holiday, I became very aware of the change in culture. Suddenly all known norms I began to question even more so when you are no longer in your University community bubble, and are mixing with locals for holidays and occasions such as Halloween.

Halloween came around very quickly this year. However, I was suddenly very aware of the meaning of Halloween in a Catholic country.

Initially, my first question was, surely in a Catholic country such as Italy, Halloween is slightly blasphemous ?

I was wrong, very wrong. They seem to fully support and celebrate Halloween, at least its an excuse to get dressed up and go out.

So, of course my decision was to fully commit to face paint, and the rest of my flatmates allowed me to paint their faces too.

We had ‘pre-drinks’ a concept unknown it seems to some of my other Erasmus friends from outside the UK. The Spanish and Italian are very into their ‘Bottelon’ instead. Which by definition, is a daytime or night time outdoor congregation for socialising and drinking. We had pre drinks at Robin’s house. She lives in a beautiful apartment, and the living room is covered in old academic books, mostly in Italian.

It made for a very classy atmosphere to go with our halloween costumes.


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