Lucca, Toscana


Today, we found ourselves becoming slightly claustrophobic in Pisa, so we decided to headed for Lucca.

Lucca, is only twenty minutes on the train from Pisa Centrale.

Ashamedly, I was only previously aware of Lucca, after a Top Gear episode. In the episode, Hammond, May and Clarkson, drive around Lucca (a medieval, walled city) in cars. Ofcourse some of the cars are far too big for the tiny Italian streets, which makes for an hilarious episode of mishaps and disasters.

Moving on from my love for Top Gear, Lucca was a fabulous day out. Once arrived in Lucca we immediately hired bikes, me and annabelle on classic City Bikes, two other friends on a Tandem.

For those of you that are unsure of what a tandem is, it is two people on one bike, one behind the other, required to cycle in unison.

You could probably guess that this was at first, quite funny to watch. We cycled around the top of the City wall and then back down into the city and around the streets and narrow alleyways.

Annabelle had also not ridden a bike in about six years, but decided to tell us once we had payed for the bikes and I had provided my passport details. Generally the whole day was an hilarious experience .

The city itself is beautiful, and much like most Italian medieval towns.

I think we spent about 15 euros each that day, if not less.

So overall, a standard student budget day out right?



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