Perugia, Umbria.

 ”Discover the secrets of an Italian Kiss”img_9283

October the 21st, the day of drinking and eating well in the heart of Italy.

Firstly, Perugia, the home, of the world’s best chocolate. Perugina Chocolate!

(ok, maybe Belgian chocolate is the best, but Perugia chocolate is a very close second).

Another ESN trip, takes us to Perugia, a place I had visited before. However, the last time I was in Perugia I was three months old, so it isn’t surprising I can’t remember much.

Me, my dutch friend Robin and Annabelle,  truly visited Perugia for the chocolate, however, there was a city tour that day which we did attend. The day we visited was the EuroChocolate Festival.

Basically, we spent the day being handed free chocolate. Whilst happily consuming unhealthy amounts of chocolate we were able to explore the city walls, which are also part an underground city, known as Rocca Paolina. This underground city and fortress is the best known of its time, and the largest, dating back to the 16th Century.

However, all that remains today is the Piazza Rossi Scotti, formerly delle Prome, but usually called Porta Sole, from where there is a splendid view for 230° eastwards towards the Apennines.

Erasmus Social Network Pisa then took us to a Vineyard in the middle of Tuscany. Im not sure what else I can say about being in a Vineyard in the middle of Tuscany. It is pretty self explanatory in how amazing it was.

We were able to try the local wine, their olive oil and other produce.

Secretly, I think this is truly what I came to Italy for.

Sorry history degree, you will have to wait.


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